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"Health is wealth" an old saying but very much relevant at present.A healthy planet is bred from healthy food habits. Our vision is to promote the use of organic food in households, provide ease of access to every house hold, encourage farmers to give away the use of  poisonous pesticides for farming and go back to natural methods of farming.


Our mission is to provide each and every house hold easy access to vegetables cultivated organically at a reasonable price. We get our products from trusted and certified farmers across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We ensure to provide you quality food products in guaranteed time line.

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There was a time when people has not found any chemicals/pesticides/other additives to grow vegetables. Those can be called as the healthiest time ever. Vegetables were not grown forcefully or according to peoples wish. Nature supplied all the sources for its growth and these products there by supplied all the necessary nutrients to the people. And we are here to deliver the equally natural products for you.

Our products are grown with natural fertilizers like manure and compost. Attack of Insects are controlled using natural methods. Nitrogen control is achieved through the use of legumes and biological nitrogen fixation as well as with effective recycling of organic materials including crop residues and livestock manures. Nutrients for crops are provided using insoluble nutrient sources made available by the action of micro-organisms. Earthworms are used to make vermi-compost which is the best source for soil enrichment in many ways like infiltration, ferti lity, growth promoters, vitamins and amino-acid intakes and so on. Being organic is just being natural.

We grow what nature told us to grow !!!
We deliver what nature wants to deliver !!!


Ask yourself simple questions as: Is your day to day eating habit healthy? Should we intake poison daily? A big NO to these tells you why organic.

Safe: Harmful pesticides and no other hazardous chemicals / materials used in Organic Farming. This makes it healthy & Safe

Natures product served as it is: No processing, no artificial coloring or any other additives and a completely non-genetically modified produces. We can eat what our bodies are designed to eat.

Complete Food: Stays superior in nutrients, antioxidants and even the taste with respect to their conventional counterparts. Eating organic food have proved to improve immune system.

Environment Friendly: Encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. Let's ensure a safer and healthier world for future generations to live in
And yeah not to avoid the fact that "Organic foods are not very costly"... It's more than worth it. Eat & stay healthy with peace of mind and live longer!!!

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